Constellation: A 'group of stars' or 'group or cluster of related things'

The Constellation Marketplace is a new collaborative retail concept, focused on showcasing local vendors, makers, and artists through the brick and mortar retail channel, in an affordable and accessible way.

Founded by small business owners for small business owners, The Constellation is not just a store, but a community of budding entrepreneurs from the greater Sacramento, California area. 

We believe that the little guys, the mom-and-pop shops, the weekend crafters, and the full-time artisans give back far more than any national brand or store ever could, and we felt it our responsibility to give them a place to shine.

Meet the Dynamic Duo Behind The Constellation

Katie Byram: Business Owner & Artist

With a decade of arts and community-oriented non-profit work under her belt, Katie has experience with networking, event management, and marketing. In her current position as Program Coordinator for the Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association, she regularly partners with local artists and small businesses to offer educational opportunities and social experiences as well as host successful artist markets, fairs, and fundraisers. 

In November of 2020, Katie launched her own creative small business, Windflower Watercolor, selling custom art, home decor prints, and paper goods. These professional endeavors have fostered a passion for supporting the local, creative community and Katie is thrilled to offer her experience to make this dream a reality for a handful of newly minted businesses and artists.

Kimberley Casazza-Cutts: Business Owner & Professional Merchandiser

After spending seven years working in the corporate fashion industry as an apparel merchant for Levi Strauss & Co. and GAP, Inc. in San Francisco, Kimberley followed the call back home to the Sacramento area to chase her own dream of becoming an entrepreneur. 

This dream became reality in 2019 when she founded Little Chances, a children’s clothing and accessories boutique in Woodland, CA. It is from her own experience in opening Little Chances that the inspiration for The Constellation Marketplace derives. She hopes that this shop will function as more than just the launching pad for many budding entrepreneurs, but as a community for creatives with the common goal of fostering the growth of the creative arts within our local community and economy.