Better Together

The Constellation Marketplace operates under the partnership of vendors. As part of our retail agreement, all vendors work together to keep the shop stocked and clean to ensure each brand is represented in the best light.

To make it simple and easy for every type & size of entrepreneur, we have a few options based on space size in the shop to give you different pricing options.

Core Vendors 

Our standard membership agreement gives vendors the option between a small, medium, and large space, with a 6-month commitment.

Micro Vendors 

Stock one of our shelves full of your goodies! Micro-vending is great for new businesses and those with small products or small inventories. 

Pop Ups, Product Pick Ups, and Special Events

We also aim to host monthly pop ups inside the store; are interested in being a pick up location for your customers on special occasions; and would love to feature other services and special events in-house. Get in touch with us to get something on the calendar.

Please note: The Constellation is a mighty but small shop and while we’d love to include every vendor, we simply do not have the space. You’re welcome to apply to get on our radar, but please don’t be offended if we don’t accept you or personally reply to your application (due to the volume of vendor inquiries!)

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